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Tholozan, JL ; Membre, JM ; Grivet, JP

Physiology and development of Pectinatus cerevisiiphilus and Pectinatus frisingensis, two strict anaerobic beer spoilage bacteria

International Journal of Food Microbiology 35 (1) 29-39

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Abstract :

The genus Pectinatus was isolated recently and the deposited strains were classified as beer spoilage bacteria producing propionate as a major fermentation product. A recent investigation of this genus demonstrated the existence of two species : Pectinatus cerevisiiphilus, the type strain and Pectinatus frisingensis, a new species with a different pattern of growth substrates. Different culture media tested for both species demonstrated a higher specific growth rate for P. cerevisiiphilus. However, final biomass production was in every case round 20% higher in P. frisingensis. A 400% decrease of final biomass production was measured when the species were cultivated on poor culture medium ; this decrease was found to be broadly proportional to amounts of acetate excreted in the medium.