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Condaminet, B ; Redziniak, G ; Monsigny, M ; Kieda, C

Ultraviolet rays induced expression of lectins on the surface of a squamous carcinoma keratinocyte cell line

Experimental Cell Research 232 (2) 216-224

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Abstract :

Human keratinocytic cells from squamous carcinoma (SCL-1) present, under resting conditions, relatively low amounts of endogenous lectins (sugar-binding proteins). Upon uv irradiation, they express on their cell surface large amounts of endogenous lectin molecules able to bind neoglycoproteins bearing either a-L-rhamnosyl or a-D-glucosyl residues, A similar binding specificity was found with normal human keratinocytes under the same culture conditions. At sunlike doses, uv.A (365 nm) was more efficient than uv.B (312 nm) in the expression of such receptors on the surface of SCL-1 cells, The increased presentation of lectins by SCL-1 cells was transient and reached a maximum 4 h after irradiation.