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Gaudin, F ; Chanteloup, L ; Thuong, NT ; Lancelot, G

Selectively C-13-enriched DNA : Dynamics of the C1’H1’ and C5’H5’ or C5’H5’’ vectors in d(CGCAAATTTGCG)(2)

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 35 (9) 561-565

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Abstract :

In order to examine the internal dynamic processes of the dodecamer d(CGCAAATTTGCG)(2),the C-13-enriched oligonucleotide was synthesized. The C3, A4 and A6 residues were selectively C-13 labeled at the C1’ and C5’ positions and their R(C-x,C-y), R(C-z) and R(H-z—>C-z) relaxation rates were measured. Data variations were observed for the three residues. The analysis of the relaxation rates in the context of the model-free formalism of Lipari and Szabo indicates other pathways than those described by tau(g), S-2 and tau(l). Direct evidence for the presence of a conformational exchange process was obtained for the residue A4 from rotating frame relaxation measurements.