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Hebert, E ; Monsigny, M

Lack of modulation of the galectin-3 and asialoglycoprotein receptor transcription in hepatocarcinoma of transgenic mice

Biology of The Cell 89 (7) 467-473

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Abstract :

Galectin-3 and asialoglycoprotein receptor are lectins belonging to the classes of soluble lectins and of membrane C type lectins respectively. Conflicting results have been reported concerning their transcription level in the time course development of tumours. In the present study we investigated the abnormalities and the transcription levels of galectin-3 and asialoglycoprotein receptor genes in liver-targeted SV40 large T transgenic mice related to normal mice. in the strain expressing the highest level of large T, 100% of the male mice reproducibly developed an hepatocarcinoma.