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Beloeil, J. C.

MRI, MRS and chemistry.

Actualite Chimique (348-349) 102-106

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Abstract :

MRI, MRS and chemistry Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) are two techniques derived from NMR, which is well known by chemists. If MRI is the technique of choice for the non-invasive and atraumatic exploration of living beings, it is now moving towards obtaining additional information of biochemical nature, we can speak of "molecular imaging" and even of "imaging of gene expression". These developments require the creation of contrast agents specific of the enzymes of interest and that is where the chemistry is essential. In SRM, the role of the chemist is to transform high resolution NMR techniques to make them compatible with the very special characteristics of localized NMR of living environments. In this article, we will discuss the growing importance of chemistry in the spectacular development of MRI and MRS.