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Ferreira, M.F., Martins, A.F., Martins, C.I., Ferreira, P.M., Tóth, E., Rodrigues, T.B., Calle, D., Cerdan, S., López-Larrubia, P., Martins, J.A. and Geraldes, C.F.

Amide conjugates of the DO3A-N-(α-amino)propionate ligand : leads for stable, high relaxivity contrast agents for MRI ?

Contrast Media Mol Imaging 8 (1) 40-49

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Abstract :

A novel synthetic methodology for preparing amide conjugates of the DO3A-N-(α-amino)propionate chelator is described, using the synthesis of the DO3A-N-(α-benzoylamido)propionate chelator as an illustrative example. The model Gd[DO3A-N-(α-benzoylamido)propionate] chelate displays accelerated water exchange, stability in a wide pH range and inertness towards transmetallation by Zn(2+). The Gd[DO3A-N-(α-benzoylamido)propionate] complex is mainly excreted via the kidneys, producing a significant increase in the kidney medulla/cortex enhancement ratio in MR images of Wistar rats, reflecting probably its higher lipophilicity compared with Gd(DTPA). The results presented suggest that Gd[DO3A-N-(α-amido)propionate] chelates can be valuable leads for preparing potentially safe high relaxivity MRI contrast agents.