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Lacerda, S., Bonnet, C.S., Pallier, A., Villette, S., Foucher, F., Westall, F., Buron, F., Suzenet, F., Pichon, C., Petoud, S. and Tóth, E.

Lanthanide-Based, Near-Infrared Luminescent and Magnetic Lipoparticles : Monitoring Particle Integrity

Small (2013) 9 (16) 2662-2666 - doi : 10.1002/smll.201201923

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Abstract :

Near-infrared emitting, magnetic particles for combined optical and MR detection based on liposomes or artificial lipoproteins are presented. They provide a novel strategy for the luminescence sensitization of lanthanide cations (Yb3+, Nd3+) without covalent bonds between the chromophore and the lanthanide, and provide an unambiguous tool for monitoring the integrity of the liponanoparticles, via emission in the NIR region.