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Hinsen, K.

Computational science : shifting the focus from tools to models

F1000Research (2014) 3 101 - doi : 10.12688/f1000research.3978.2

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Abstract :

Computational techniques have revolutionized many aspects of scientific research over the last few decades. Experimentalists use computation for data analysis, processing ever bigger data sets. Theoreticians compute predictions from ever more complex models. However, traditional articles do not permit the publication of big data sets or complex models. As a consequence, these crucial pieces of information no longer enter the scientific record. Moreover, they have become prisoners of scientific software : many models exist only as software implementations, and the data are often stored in proprietary formats defined by the software. In this article, I argue that this emphasis on software tools over models and data is detrimental to science in the long term, and I propose a means by which this can be reversed.