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Mayer, F., Zhang, W.Y., Brichart, T., Tillement, O., Bonnet, C.S., Toth, E., Peters, J. A. and Djanashvili, K.

Nanozeolite-LTL with Gd-III Deposited in the Large and Eu-III in the Small Cavities as a Magnetic Resonance Optical Imaging Probe

Chemistry - A European Journal (2014) 20 (12) 3358-3364 - doi : 10.1002/chem.201304457

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Abstract :

The immense structural diversity of more than 200 known zeolites is the basis for the wide variety of applications of these fascinating materials ranging from catalysis and molecular filtration to agricultural uses. Despite this versatility, the potential of zeolites in medical imaging has not yet been much exploited. In this work a novel strategy is presented to selectively deposit different ions into distinct framework locations of zeolite-LTL (Linde type L) and it is demonstrated that the carefully ion-exchanged Gd/Eu-containing nanocrystals acquire exceptional magnetic properties in combination with enhanced luminescence. This smart exploitation of the framework structure yields the highest relaxivity density (13.7s(-1)Lg(-1) at 60MHz and 25 degrees C) reported so far for alumosilicates, rendering these materials promising candidates for the design of dual magnetic resonance/optical imaging probes, as demonstrated in preliminary phantom studies.