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Guiheneuf, S., Paquin, L., Carreaux, F., Durieu, E., Bénédetti, B., Le Guevel, R., Corlu, A., Meijer, L. and Bazureau, J. P.

Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS) of New Dispacamide A Derivatives Bearing a Thiazolinone Platform, Biological Assays on Inhibition of Protein Kinases and Cell Effects

Current Microwave Chemistry (2014) 1 (1) 33-40 - doi : 10.2174/22133356114019990002

by Frapart - published on , updated on


A series of (5Z)-5-ylidene-thiazolidine-4-one derivatives bearing the N-(4,5-dihalogenopyrrol-2-yl)carbamoyl fragment of Dispacamide A was prepared through a newly developed approach using a solution phase protocol assisted by microwave irradiation. These new compounds were synthesized in good yields (10-98%) by sulphur/nitrogen displacement or eventually by Knoevenagel condensation in the presence of a base (AcONa) in AcOH solution. The ten synthetic products have been obtained with a Z-geometry about their exocyclic double bond. All these compounds have been evaluated against eight protein kinases and human cell lines.