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Kaščáková, Slávka Giuliani, Alexandre Lacerda, Sara Pallier, Agnès Mercère, Pascal Tóth, Éva Réfrégiers, Matthieu

X-ray-induced radiophotodynamic therapy (RPDT) using lanthanide micelles : Beyond depth limitations

Nano Research (2015) 1-7 - doi : 10.1007/s12274-015-0747-5

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Abstract :

We report lanthanide-based micelles integrating hypericin (Hyp) for X-raytriggered photodynamic therapy (PDT). The lanthanide luminescence induced by X-ray irradiation excites the photosensitizer, which leads to the generation of singlet oxygen. This versatile approach can be extended to other photosensitizers or other types of liponanoparticles and can allow for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance.