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Aríñez-Soriano J., Albalad J., Carné-Sánchez A., Bonnet C. S., Busqué F., Lorenzo J., Juanhuixe J., Terban M. W., Imaz I., Tóth É. and Maspoch D.

pH-responsive relaxometric behaviour of coordination polymer nanoparticles made of a stable macrocyclic gadolinium macrocyclic chelate

Chemistry - A European Journal (2016) 22 (37) 13162-13170 - doi : 10.1002/chem.201602356

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Abstract :

Lanthanide-containing nanoscale particles have been widely explored for various biomedical purposes, however, they are often prone to metal leaching. Here we have created a new coordination polymer (CP) by applying, for the first time, a stable Gd(III) chelate as building block in order to prevent any fortuitous release of free lanthanide(III) ion. The use of the Gd-DOTA-4AmP complex as a design element in the CP allows not only for enhanced relaxometric properties (maximum r1 =16.4 mm(-1) s(-1) at 10 MHz), but also for a pH responsiveness (Δr1 =108 % between pH 4 and 6.5), beyond the values obtained for the low molecular weight Gd-DOTA-4AmP itself. The CP can be miniaturised to the nanoscale to form colloids that are stable in physiological saline solution and in cell culture media and does not show cytotoxicity.