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Three PhD fellowships from the Région Centre-Val de Loire and University of Orléans will be available to undertake PhD theses at CBM (starting October 2018) on the following themes :

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Role of oxygenation and microRNAs in skin photoaging
(contact : Dr. Catherine Grillon,
Synthesis and characterization of luminescent lanthanide polymetal compounds for imaging and photoacoustics
(contact : Dr Stéphane Petoud,
Development of new riboregulators for synthetic biology
(contact Dr. Marc Boudvillain,

A fourth CBM theme is on the graduate school reserve list :
• Biophysics of assemblages and biological systems in porous and densely occupied synthetic environments
(contact : Pr. Francesco Piazza,
Audition of applicants will take place in May 2018. Further inquiries should be addressed to the above contacts or to graduate school ED549.