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Nadiras C., Schwartz A., Delaleau M. and Boudvillain M. 

Evaluating the Effect of Small RNAs and Associated Chaperones on Rho-Dependent Termination of Transcription In Vitro.

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), (2018) 1737, 99-118.

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Abstract :

Besides their well-known posttranscriptional effects on mRNA translation and decay, sRNAs and associated RNA chaperones (e.g., Hfq, CsrA) sometimes regulate gene expression at the transcriptional level. In this case, the sRNA-dependent machinery modulates the activity of the transcription termination factor Rho, a ring-shaped RNA translocase/helicase that dissociates transcription elongation complexes at specific loci of the bacterial genome. Here, we describe biochemical assays to detect Rho-dependent termination signals in genomic regions of interest and to assess the effects of sRNAs and/or associated RNA chaperones on such signals.