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Cell Biology, Molecular Targets and Innovative Therapies


The team gathers researchers from cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and pharmacology disciplines. We are conducting projects based on a crosstalk between basic investigations and translational researches. Advanced molecular approaches of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology are exploited in conjunction with cell and animal models to decipher molecular biological processes occurring under physiological or pathological conditions.

The main focus of projects is the development of novel therapeutic strategies through improved knowledge of cellular processes including gene expression (RNA biology) and signalling cascades that allow us to identify biomarkers and new targets of specific diseases. Gained data from these fundamental studies will be exploited in turn to build innovative therapies which encompass the design and vectorization of therapeutic agents.

Our main interests are cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and in skin biology.
The research programs are reorganized in 5 main themes:

-  Cell Signalling
-  Pharmacological targets and Biomarkers
-  RNA biology and RNA therapeutics
-  Innovative therapies and nanomedicine
-  Skin Biology

Major topics: Cell Signalling and neurofibromatosis; Programmed Cell Death and Autophagy; Cell microenvironment and pharmacological targets; RNA-protein interactions and gene regulation; Nucleic acids transfer by non-viral systems.

Keywords: Apoptosis ; Gene regulation ; RNA-protein interaction ; Cellular microenvironment ; Neuroreceptors ; Cell and gene therapy; RNA vaccines; RNA bio-production; Pigmentation ; Aging ; Neurodegenerative diseases; Tissue regeneration ; Skin model ; Cancer; Physical methods for therapy.


  • Cell culture (mammals, insects, yeasts, bacterias)
  • Flow cytometry, immunolabelling, cell cycle, calcium flow, cell viability, apoptose…
  • Confocal microscopy, spectral imaging, static and dynamic videomicroscopy
  • Endocytosis and intracellular traffic, membrane permeabilization induiced by par des fusiogenic peptides
  • Cell transfection (DNA, mRNA, oligonucleotides)
  • Bioluminescence : mesure of luciferase expression
  • Molecular biology (cloning, plasmids construction, plasmids and messenger RNA preparation), Northern blot, PCR and real time quantitative PCR, in-situ fluorescence hybridization
  • Hypoxia and its control
  • Ultraviolet irradiation (UVA, UVB, UVA+UVB)
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins (mammalian cells, insects, yeasts, bacterias)
  • Mutagenesis
  • Biochemistry : protein purification, SDS-PAGE gels, Western-blot, immunoprecipitations.
  • Purification and characterisation of proteins et glycoproteines
  • Chemoenzymatic glycosylations (oligosaccharides, glycopeptides and glycoproteins synthesis)
  • Glycans analysis
  • Genetic of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Protein-protein interactions , study by : double-hybrid, co-purification, co-immunoprecipitation, Surface Plasmon Resonance, TAP-tag.
  • Microinjection
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Liposomes préparation
  • Synthesis of polymers
  • Size and zeta potential of nucleic acids / synthetic vectors complexes


  • Cell culture rooms (for eukaryotic cells and microbiology) among which one P2 level
  • Flow cytometers Fortessa, FACSort et LSR (Becton Dickinson)
  • Cell sorter ARIAL III, FACSVantage SE DIVA (Becton Dickinson)

Consult the page dedicated to " cytomètre en flux" and "trieur de

  • Video-microscope (Zeiss) Axiovert 200M with diode lamp Colibri and Apotome

Consult the page dedicated to "video-microscope"

  • Equipment for blood flow reconstitution
  • Cell culture conditions control for video microscopy
  • Controlled hypoxia chambers (Proox Biospherix)
  • UV Bio Sun irradiator (Vilber Lourmat)
  • Confocal microscope LSR510 META (Zeiss)

Consult the page dedicated to "microscope confocale"

  • Luminometer (Berthold)
  • ZetaSizer 3000 (Malvern)
  • Quantitative PCR Smart Cycler (Eurogentec)
  • Microplate reader (Victor) : absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence (Bertold)
  • One microscope/micromanipulation station (Singer MSM 300) for the yeast tetrads dissection → Biacore 3000.
  • FPLC
  • Scintillation counter

Team members

PICHON Chantal Groups "RNA biology and RNA therapeutics " and "Skin Biology" co-coordinator , Professor at the University of Orleans   @
BENEDETTI Hélène Team co-coordinator, Senior CNRS researcher  @

Researchers and Teachers
BARIL Patrick Lecturer at the University of Orleans     @
BENEDETTI Hélène Senior CNRS researcher   @
BRULE-MORABITO Fabienne Lecturer at the University of Orleans   @
CHARPENTIER Stéphane Lecturer at the University of Orleans   @
DECOVILLE Martine Professor at the University of Orleans   @
DELALANDE Anthony Lecturer at the University of Orleans @
GERMAIN Philippe Lecturer at the University of Orleans @
GRILLON Catherine CNRS researcher  @
KIEDA Claudine Senior CNRS researcher   @
LEGRAND Alain Professor at the University of Orleans   @
MALINGE Jean-Marc INSERM researcher     @
MIDOUX Patrick Senior INSERM researcher @
MOLLET Lucile Lecturer at the University of Orleans   @
MORISSET-LOPEZ Séverine CNRS researcher @
MOSRIN-HUAMAN Christine CNRS researcher   @
NORMAND Thierry Lecturer at the University of Orleans   @
PERCHE Federico CNRS resercher   @
PICHON Chantal Professor at the University of Orleans   @
RAHMOUNI Rachid Senior CNRS researcher   @
VALLEE Béatrice CNRS researcher   @

Engineers and Technicians
BERTIN Tom CNRS Engineer @
CLEMENCON Rudy CNRS Technician @
DOUDEAU Michel CNRS Engineering assistant @
FASANI Fabienne CNRS Engineering assistant @
GODIN Fabienne CNRS Engineer   @
GONÇALVES Cristine CNRS Engineer @
GUIMPIED Cyril Inserm Technician@
HERVOUET-COSTE Nadège CNRS Engineering assistant   @
LE DANTEC Aurélia CNRS Technician   @
MALARD Virginie CNRS Engineering assistant @
ROBIN Chloé CNRS Engineering assistant @

PhD students
BERGOUD Mohammed PhD student @
CASAS Geoffrey PhD student @
CHETTOUH Nadira PhD student@
EL KHAMLICHI Chayma PhD student@
ELLEUCH Fatma PhD student @
GIRARDIN Caroline PhD student  @
HENRIET Elodie PhD student@
MOREAU Kévin PhD student   @
VIJAYARANGAN Vinodini PhD student  @
WANG Pinpin PhD student @

Contractuals members
BUSCO Giovanni Researcher (fixed term contract)   @
PIGEON Lucie Researcher (fixed term contract)   @
REVERCHON-ASSADI Flora Research engineer (fixed term contract)  @
BERTIN Tom Engineer (fixed term contract)   @
BLOT Lauren Engineer (fixed term contract)   @
COSSON Aurélie Engineer (fixed term contract)   @
LAURENT Yoan Engineer (fixed term contract)   @
PIVET Marine Engineer (fixed term contract)   @
MAZE Delphine Engineering assistant (fixed term contract)   @
RIDOU Loïck Engineering assistant (fixed term contract)   @
SUET Amandine Engineering assistant (fixed term contract)   @

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