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Teaching and Traineeships

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Teaching: an essential activity at the CBM

Among the 47 tenured researchers at the Center for Molecular Biophysics in 2010, 19 are Faculty members (Senior Lecturers and Professors) at the University of Orléans. They are actively involved in teaching courses at all levels of higher education - undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels – in physics, biochemistry and biology.

At the graduate school in Science and Technology at the University of Orléans, researchers from the Center for Molecular Biophysics teach courses on the Master’s program ’Science, Technology, Health’ in the following sub-fields:

* Master’s in Biology – Biochemistry, in 2 options: ’Molecular and cell biology (BMC)’, and ’Bio-industrial technology (TBI)’
* Master’s in Chemistry, option ’Design, synthesis and analysis of molecules of biological interest’.

They also give courses on the Franco-Polish Master’s program in Biotechnologies.

About 20 doctoral students are currently doing their PhD in the research teams of the laboratory.

Accueil de stagiaires

Every year, the CBM teams host around 70 trainees, ranging from secondary school pupils to second-year Master’s students, covering a wide range of disciplines: biochemistry, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, information sciences, etc.