UPR 4301

Center for Molecular Biophysics, CNRS - Orleans

The Center for Molecular Biophysics (CBM) develops research at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics to study the molecular mechanisms that sustain life or dysfunctions leading to diseases.

A new mechanism of antiobiotic resistance

By solving the atomic structure of the transcription factor Rho of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by cryoEM, researchers from CBM and CBS (Montpellier) have identified a mutation specifically responsible for resistance to bicyclomycin in this pathogen.

The first molecules which really prefer manganese(II) over zinc(II)

Overcoming general rules of coordination chemistry ? Via a perfect size-match, bispidine cages lead to record stability, and for the first time, selectivity for the complexation of manganese(II) versus zinc(II). They can provide safer and more biocompatible MRI contrast agents.

A new luminescence for the direct follow-up of drug delivery

The encapsulation of drugs into liposomes allows their activation only once they are released from the nanocargo. The in vivo follow-up of this processes is still a challenge, for which chemists and biologists of CBM propose a new strategy.