At the interface between chemistry, biology and physics, CBM scientists are investigating the structure, dynamics and interactions of biomacromolecules at the molecular, cellular and whole-organism scales. This approach entails searching for the molecular causes of biological dysfunctions that trigger the development of diseases. Biomedical imaging is also a strong research theme at CBM.


Research Departments

CBM hosts 16 research teams organized into 4 distinct departments: Molecular, Structural & Chemical Biology ; Biology and Biophysics of Receptors, Translational Applications ; Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes ; Chemistry, Imaging & Exobiology ; and Theoretical & Computational Biophysics team.


CBM scientists coordinate or are involved in national research networks.

Thematic Network PCV

This collaborative structure between CBM and ICOA, an analytical & organic chemistry laboratory located on the campus of the University of Orléans, fosters local research at the chemistry-biology interface.