Research teams

CBM hosts 16 research groups organized into four distinct teams: Molecular, Structural & Chemical Biology ; Cell biology, Molecular Targets & Innovative Therapies ; Chemistry, Imaging & Exobiology ; Theoretical & Computational Biophysics.

Molecular, Structural and Chemical Biology Department

The department brings together scientists from diverse disciplines (chemistry, biology, biophysics) sharing a common molecular language.

Biology and Biophysics of Receptors, Translational Applications - BioBRAT Department

The department brings together researchers from several disciplines (chemistry, biology, biophysics) sharing a common molecular language.

Chemistry, Imaging and Exobiology Department

The CIE department comprises various disciplines, involving synthetic and coordination chemistry, biology, physics and exobiology, all linked by a common theme centred around imaging.

Cell Signaling, Molecular Targets and Innovative Therapies Department

The department gathers researchers from cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and pharmacology disciplines. We are conducting projects based on a crosstalk between basic investigations and translational researches.

Theoretical and computational biophysics Team

The team works on two themes: statistical and computational physics of biomolecular systems and statistical physics of complex systems and nanobiotechnology. Part of this research is carried out in close collaboration with the SOLEIL synchrotron, the national source of synchrotron radiation in France.