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The MO2VING platform offers technical and scientific support for the realization of projects via the analysis of samples in the form of services or collaborations and via user training. MO2VING specializes in both molecular characterization of biomolecules and biological imaging from cells to small animals. With its 5 sub-platforms: NMR, MS, P@CYFIC, MRI and TAAM-In vivo Imaging, MO2VING brings together multiple areas of expertise and offers a comprehensive service offering ranging from small molecules to small animals. By promoting multimodal and multi-scale approaches, MO2VING makes it possible to integrate different levels of information to understand the functioning of a biological system. This service is open to the regional, national and international scientific community, from public laboratories or private companies.

Vous pouvez contacter MO2VING ( ou les responsables des sous plateformes directement (ci-dessous)

MO2VING From MOlecular Organization to in Vivo ImagiNG
Plateforme RMN

Responsable Technique :
Hervé Meudal

Responsable Scientifique :
Karine Loth

P@CYFIC Cytométrie en flux et Imagerie Cellulaire

Responsable Technique :
David Gosset

Responsable Scientifique :
Catherine Grillon

Plateforme Spectrométrie de Masse

Responsable Technique :
Guillaume Gabant

Responsable Scientifique :
Martine Cadène

Plateforme Imagerie et Spectroscopie par Résonnance Magnétique

Responsable Technique :
Frédéric Szeremeta

Responsable Scientifique :
Sandra Même

Secteur Imagerie In Vivo - TAAM

Responsable Technique :
Julien Sobilo

Responsables Scientifiques :
Stéphane Petoud
Sara Lacerda


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