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NMR facility

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a highly efficient technique to analyze molecules at the atomic scale, thanks to magnetic properties of some of their nuclei (mainly 1H, 13C, 15N, 31P, 17O) – hence the name “nuclear”.
The N.M.R. facility is primarily open to the members of the federation de recherche FR2708. Autonomous users book time to acquire spectra themselves. Moreover, this facility is open to all members of the scientific community - both academic and privately-funded. In that case, an engineer is available in order to advise, to optimize and to realize the experiments.
Currently, the main requests are related to:
- Checking quality/purity of the products, stability and/or fold
- Follow up of organic synthesis
- Analyzing a large diversity of biomolecules: peptides/proteins, glycoproteins, nucleic acids, polymers…
- Characterizing contrast agents for medical imaging

Experimental facilities
-  BRUKER 600MHz equipped with a 5mm probe for chemistry (31P-15N and 19F), a 5mm inverse probe for structural biology, and a sample case.
-  BRUKER 700MHz equipped with a 5mm cryoprobe for structural biology
-  BRUKER 400MHz equipped with a 10mm probe (31P-109Ag) and a 5mm (31P-15N and 19F) for development of contrast agents.


Scientific manager: LANDON Céline  CNRS researcher,
Tel: 02 38 25 55 74   @

Technical manager: MEUDAL Hervé  CNRS research engineer, Tel: 02 38 25 55 46   @

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