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Transverse activity

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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Officer (AP) contributes to developing the health and safety policy set up by the management of the laboratory and to finding practical solutions to any problems encountered. In particular :

  • He provides assistance and advice for the Director by ensuring compliance with operating and structural regulations
  • He ensures that all the personnel of the unit are fully informed and aware of the safety rules and regulations. He provides training in health and safety matters for all the employees and new arrivals.

The Health and Safety Officer is a member of the Risk Prevention and Safety network run by the CNRS Regional Office.

The Radioprotection Adviser (PCR) is responsible for ensuring compliance with protective measures against ionizing radiation. In particular :

  • He compiles an inventory of all the situations or work environments that are likely to entail sporadic or accidental radiation exposure,
  • He develops an appropriate plan of action in the event of accidents and provides safety training for workers at risk.

The PCR is a member of the Risk Prevention and Safety network run by the CNRS Regional Office.

Both the AP and the PCR work closely with the regional engineer for prevention and safety (IRPS) and with the medical officer of the Regional Office.

Continuing Education

The Training Correspondent of the Unit (CFU) is responsible for the unit’s continuing education programme. This involves designing and setting up the programme, monitoring progress and reporting back, assessing its impact and updating the training needs annually as the Unit evolves.

He advises the personnel on all topics related to skills development and career prospects.

The Training Correspondent is a member of the network run by the Continuing Education board of the Human Resources department of the CNRS Regional Office.

BRACONNIER Anne Health and Safety Officer  @

GONCALVES Cristine Health and Safety Officer  @

KEITA-PAQUET Françoise Training Correspondent  @

NORMAND Thierry Training Correspondent  @