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Subra, F ; Carteau, S ; Pager, J ; Paoletti, J ; Paoletti, C ; Auclair, C ; Mrani, D ; Gosselin, G ; Imbach, JL

Bis(pyrrolecarboxamide) linked to intercalating chromophore oxazolopyridocarbazole (OPC) - selective binding to DNA and polynucleotides

Biochemistry 30 (6) 1642-1650

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Abstract :

We have investigated some properties related to interaction with DNA and recognition of AT-rich sequences of netropsin-oxazolopyridocarbazole (Net-OPC) (Mrani et al., 1990), which is a hybrid groove-binder-intercalator. The hybrid molecule Net-OPC binds to poly[d(A-T)] at two different sites with K(app) values close to 7 X 10(6) and 6 X 10(8) M-1 (100 mM NaCl, pH 7.0). Data obtained from melting experiments are in agreement with these values and indicate that Net-OPC displays a higher binding constant to poly[d(A-T)] than does netropsin. On the basis of viscometric and energy transfer data, the binding of Net-OPC to poly[d(A-T)] is suggested to involve both intercalation and external binding of the OPC chromophore.