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Tholozan, JL ; Touzel, JP ; Samain, E ; Grivet, JP ; Prensier, G ; Albagnac, G

Clostridium-neopropionicum sp-nov, a strict anaerobic bacterium fermenting ethanol to propionate through acrylate pathway

Archives of Microbiology 157 (3) 249-257

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Abstract :

Strain X4 was isolated several years ago from an anaerobic mesophilic plant treating vegetable cannery waste waters. It was the first example of propionic fermentation from ethanol. Morphologic and physiologic characterizations of the strain are presented here. This strain is described as type strain of a new species, Clostridium neopropionicum sp. nov. Whole cells of strain X4 ferment [1-C-13]ethanol and CO, to [2-C-13]propionate, [1-C-13]acetate and [2-C-13]propanol, suggesting the absence of a randomizing pathway during the propionate formation. Enzymes involved in this fermentation were assayed in cell-free extracts of cells grown with ethanol as sole substrate. Alcohol dehydrogenase, aldehyde dehydrogenase, phosphate acetyl transferase, acetate kinase, pyruvate synthase, lactate dehydrogenases, and the enzymes of the acrylate pathway were detected at activities sufficient to be involved in ethanol fermentation. The same pathway may be used for the degradation of lactate or acrylate to acetate.