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Porumb, H ; Bertrand, J R ; Paoletti, J ; Vasseur, J J ; Rayner, B ; Imbach, J L ; Malvy, C

9-Aminoellipticine-derivatized a- and ß-oligodeoxyribonucleotides targeted to the cap of ß-globin mRNA : hybridization to natural and engineered mRNA, inhibition of translation, and improved effect of tandem chains.

Antisense Research and Development 2 (4) 279-92

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Abstract :

We studied the duplex stability and the antimessenger activity of 9-aminoellipticine-5’-functionalized a- and ß-anomeric DNA sequences complementary to the first 14 nucleotides of the rabbit ß-globin mRNA. The duplex formed by the ß-conjugate with the natural mRNA target possessed a marginally better stability to that of the duplex formed by the unfunctionalized compound, as measured by the thermal elution. The a-conjugate did not anneal to native mRNA, possibly due to the interference of the 9-aminoellipticine with the cap structure and, unlike the ß-adduct, was practically inactive as inhibitor of translation in a cell-free system.