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Bizouarne, N ; Mitterrand, M ; Monsigny, M ; Kieda, C

Characterization of membrane sugar-specific receptors in cultured high endothelial-cells from mouse peripheral lymph-nodes

Biology of The Cell 79 (1) 27-35

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Abstract :

The culture of specialized high endothelial cells (HEC) from lymphoid organs (peripheral lymph nodes (PLN) and Peyer’s patches (PP)) was undertaken in order to study and characterize the cell surface molecules which are involved in lymphocyte recognition and allow homing. Cells were stimulated in vivo by a graft versus host (GVH) type of reaction before isolation and culture. The resulting adherent and growing cells were characterized as endothelial cells because of their typical aspect and their ability to produce angiotensin-converting enzyme and factor VIII-related antigen. They possess tissue-specific endothelial addressins. MECA 79 antigen is present on cells isolated from PLN while MECA 367 antigen is detected on cells from PP.