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Simard, J ; Feunteun, J ; Lenoir, G ; Tonin, P ; Normand, T ; The, VL ; Vivier, A ; Lasko, D ; MORGAN, K ; Rouleau, GA ; Lynch, H ; Labrie, F ; Narod, SA

Genetic-mapping of the breast-ovarian cancer syndrome to a small interval on chromosome-17q12-21 - exclusion of candidate genes edh17b2 and rara

Human Molecular Genetics 2 (8) 1193-1199

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Abstract :

A susceptibility gene for hereditary breast-ovarian cancer, BRCA1, has been assigned by linkage analysis to chromosome 17q21. Candidate genes in this region include EDH17B2, which encodes estradiol 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase II (17beta-HSD II), and RARA, the gene for retinoic acid receptor alpha. We have typed 22 breast and breast-ovarian cancer families with eight polymorphisms from the chromosome 17q12-21 region, including two in the EDH17B2 gene. Genetic recombination with the breast cancer trait excludes RARA from further consideration as a candidate gene for BRCA1. Both BRCA1 and EDH17B2 map to a 6 cM interval (between THRA1 and D17S579) and no recombination was observed between the two genes.