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Baumruk, V ; Huo, DF ; Dukor, RK ; Keiderling, TA ; Lelievre, D ; Brack, A

Conformational study of sequential Lys and Leu based polymers and oligomers using vibrational and electronic CD spectra

Biopolymers 34 (8) 1115-1121

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Abstract :

Vibrational CD (VCD) and electronic CD (ECD) spectra of some sequential Lys and Leu based oligo- and polypeptides were studied as a function of added salt and (for ECD) as a function of concentration in aqueous solution. For these samples, the VCD spectra can only be measured at relatively high concentrations under which the well-known salt-induced transition to a beta-sheet form can be observed for the KL based species, but only the end-state alpha-helical conformation is obvious for the LKKL based samples. ECD concentration dependence demonstrates that, at high concentration with no added or with added salt, LKKL based oligomers and polymers give alpha-helical spectra.