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Garnier, N ; Genest, D ; Hebert, E ; Genest, M

Influence of a mutation in the transmembrane domain of the p185(c-erbb2) oncogene-encoded protein studied by molecular-dynamics simulations

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 11 (5) 983-1002

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Abstract :

The c-erbB2 proto-oncogene encodes for a protein of 185kDa(p185) which becomes transforming upon the Val—>Glu transmembrane amino acid substitution. The transforming ability seems to be due to a substitution-resulting constitutive activation of the tyrosine kinase cytosolic domain of the protein. These observations prompted us to evaluate the structural and dynamical behavior of the transmembrane region of the wild and transforming p185 protein in order to understand the role of this region in the transduction mechanism. 160 ps molecular dynamics simulations in vacuo have been performed on two peptides corresponding to the sequence [651-679] of p185(c-erbB2) protein and its transforming mutant Val(659)—>Glu(659).