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Degraeve, KG ; Grivet, JP ; Durand, M ; Beaumatin, P ; Cordelet, C ; Hannequart, G ; Demeyer, D

Competition between reductive acetogenesis and methanogenesis in the pig large-intestinal flora

Journal of Applied Bacteriology 76 (1) 55-61

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Abstract :

Washed bacterial suspensions obtained from the pig hindgut were incubated under (CO2)-C-13 in, a buffer containing (NaHCO3)-C-13 and carbohydrates. Incorporation of C-13 into short chain fatty acids was assayed by quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance. The effects of different levels of H-2 added to the gas phase (0, 20 and 80% v/v) and of the specific methanogenesis inhibitor 2-bromoethane-sulphonic acid (BES) were determined. In control incubations increasing the concentration of H-2 markedly increased methane production. Single- and double-labelled acetate and butyrate were formed in all incubations. In the absence of BES, increasing Hz significantly increased the incorporation of (CO2)-C-13 into butyrate and the proportion of double-labelled acetate in total labelled acetate.