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Durand, M ; Thuong, NT ; Maurizot, JC

Berenil complexation with a nucleic-acid triple-helix

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 11 (6) 1191-1202

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Abstract :

The interaction of berenil molecule, a minor groove binding drug, with T-A-T triple helix and A-T double helix was studied using circular dichroism spectroscopy and thermal denaturation. The triple helix was made by an oligonucleotide (dA)(12)-x-(dT)(12)-x-(dT)(12), where x is a hexaethylene glycol chain bridged between the 3’ phosphate of one strand and the 5’ phosphate of the following strand. This oligonucleotide is able to fold back on itself to form a very stable tripler. Circular dichroism spectroscopy demonstrates that berenil can bind to the triple helical structure. Spectral analysis shows that in the same ionic strength the drug bound to a double-stranded structure exhibits a conformation and an environment close to those observed in triple-stranded structure. The influence of the ionic strength on the interaction between the berenil molecule and the 36-mer is clearly demonstrated. We showed that when no NaCl salt is added in the buffer the tripler form of (dA)(12)-x-(dT)(12)-x-(dT)(12) is stabilized by berenil whereas it is destabilized slightly by the dye when NaCl concentration is 1 M.