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Hebert, E ; Monsigny, M

Galectin-3 messenger-RNA level depends on transformation phenotype in RAS-transformed NIH 3T3 cells

Biology of The Cell 81 (1) 73-76

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Abstract :

The increase in galectin-3 lectin content observed in tumours or in in vitro transformed cells suggests that this lectin is important in the transformation process. In the present study, we investigated the mRNA expression level of the galectin-3, galectin-1 and macrophage mannose receptor in normal and ras-transformed NIH 3T3 cells in relation to their transformation state. The galectin-3 mRNA content in ras-transformed cells is increased in fully transformed cells, with a maximum in ras-transformed cells that have lost their growth anchorage-dependence. Under the same conditions, the galectin-1 mRNA level which was high in normal cells, increased slightly in transformed cells. The mRNA for the macrophage mannose receptor was not detected in 3T3 cells or in their ras-transformed counterparts.