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Sdiqui, N ; Santambien, P ; Roche, AC ; Hebert, E ; Girot, P ; Cochet, S ; Boschetti, E ; Monsigny, M ; Bertrand, O

Toxicity studies on native procion-red he-3b and released dye from affinity material exposed to degradative chemical conditions

Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods 29 (3-4) 269-282

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Abstract :

Leached ligands from chromatographic packing material submitted to drastic regeneration conditions can contaminate pure biological preparations. These contaminants could have adverse effects from a toxicology point of view that are very poorly documented in liquid chromatography for protein separation. Investigations on toxicity level have been made on released material from immobilized Procion Red HE-3B, after formal identification of the nature of the leached chemical material. Toxicity investigations in vitro involved a number of tests on living cells (eucaryotic and procaryotic) covering different aspects. Behaviour of cells in regular cultures, polyploidia induction, genotoxicity as well as mechanisms of endocytosis have been studied. Results showed no toxic effects within the range of concentration of dye and dye derivatives studied. Genotoxicity studies in particular did not show any toxic effect over a range of concentration much higher than the regular level of dye leakage from the sorbent.