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Lehmann, M ; Remaclebonnet, M ; Garrouste, F ; Luis, J ; Rabenandrasana, C ; Marvaldi, J ; Pommier, G

Surface distribution of the EGF receptor during differentiation of the human colon-carcinoma cell-line HT29-D4

Journal of Receptor Research 14 (5) 319-333

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Abstract :

The clone HT29-D4 can be induced to differentiate into enterocytelike cells, by simply removing glucose from culture medium. In this report, we used the HT29-D4 model to study the membrane segregation of the EGF receptor on epithelial intestinal cells. Differentiated and undifferentiated cells displayed a single class of EGF binding sites with similar dissociation constants. However, differentiation of HT29-D4 led to a 3-fold decrease in the total number of EGF binding sites, while the number of TGF-I binding sites was unchanged.