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Locker, D ; Decoville, M ; Maurizot, JC ; Bianchi, ME ; Leng, M

Interaction between cisplatin-modified DNA and the HMG boxes of HMG-1 - DNAse-I footprinting and circular-dichroism

Journal of Molecular Biology 246 (2) 243-247

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Abstract :

The interactions between the two boxes A and B of HMG 1 and cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II)-modified DNA containing a single intrastrand cross-link at the d(GpG) site were studied by DNase I footprinting and circular dichroism. The DNAase I cleavage patterns of the HMG box-platinated DNA complexes are identical, the two boxes inhibiting the DNase I cutting over at least 15 and 12 nucleotide residues in the platinated strand and the complementary strand, respectively As judged by circular dichroism, the two boxes have the same a-helical content (56%) and they induce the same conformational changes in the platinated DNA.