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Vovelle, F ; Prevost, C ; Durand, M ; Maurizot, JC

Molecular modelling study of the netropsin complexation with a nucleic acid triple helix

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 14 (3) 293-302

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Abstract :

A detailed molecular mechanical study has been made on the complexes of netropsin with the double stranded oligonucleotide (dA)(12).(dT)(12) and with the triple helix (dA)(12).(dT)(12).(dT)(12). The complexes were built using computer graphics and energy refined using JUMNA program. In agreement with circular dichroism experiments we have shown that 3 netropsins can bind the minor grooves of the triple helix and of the double helix. The groove geometry in the duplex and in the tripler is very similar. However a detailed analysis of the energetic terms shows, in agreement with thermal denaturation studies, that the affinity of netropsin toward the double helices is larger than towards triple helices.