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Legrand, A; Zimonjic, DB; Popescu, NC; Nachtigal, M

A chromosome 4 satellite I DNA isolated from SV40-transformed human cells

Dna Research 5 271-276

by Administrateur - published on


Analysis of cellular DNA insert isolated from a free replicative plasmid rescued from human cells transformed with an SV40 vector plasmid revealed the presence of two arrays of repetitive DNA arranged in tandem. One sequence was homologous to the consensus sequence of the human a satellite DNA and the adjoining sequence was a satellite DNA sequence which consisted of repetitive units of 42 base pairs (bp) and was designated HR42. The degree of homology between repetitive units was about 92%. By Southern analysis the HR42 sequence was detected in HHW416, a somatic cell hybrid containing human chromosome 4, but not in HDm-5, the somatic cell hybrid which has human chromosome 14. By fluorescence in situ hybridization this repetitive DNA was assigned uniquely to the centromeric region of human chromosome 4. These results show that HR42 belongs to a subfamily of satellite I DNA specific for human chromosome 4.