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Barre, FX ; Asseline, U ; Harel-Bellan, A

Asymmetric recognition of psoralen interstrand crosslinks by the nucleotide excision repair and the error-prone repair pathways

Journal of Molecular Biology 286 (5) 1379-1387

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Abstract :

Psoralen is an asymmetric photoreactive intercalator with a furane and a pyrone side. When intercalated at 5’-TpA-3’ sites and upon UVA irradiation, the psoralen can react with the thy-nine residues on both strands, introducing an interstrand crosslink. Using psoralen-coupled triple-helix-forming oligonucleotides, psoralen interstrand crosslinks can be site-specifically introduced in the coding sequence of URA3, a yeast auxotrophic marker carried on plasmid vectors. Ln addition, crosslinks introduced via a triple-helix-forming oligonuleotide are oriented with the furane side of the psoralen associated with a specific strand of the target sequence. Here, the transformation efficiency, the mutation frequency and the mutational spectra of site-specifically placed and oriented cross-links were examined in yeast cells.