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Midoux, P ; Monsigny, M

Efficient gene transfer by histidylated polylysine pDNA complexes

Bioconjugate Chemistry 10 (3) 406-411

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Abstract :

Plasmid/polylysine complexes, which are used to transfect mammalian cells, increase the uptake of DNA, but plasmid molecules are sequestered into vesicles where they cannot escape to reach the nuclear machinery. However, the transfection efficiency increases when membrane-disrupting reagents such as chloroquine or fusogenic peptides, are used to disrupt endosomal membranes and to favor the delivery of plasmid into the cytosol. We designed a cationic polymer that forms complexes with a plasmid DNA (pDNA) and mediates the transfection of various cell lines in the absence of chloroquine or fusogenic peptides.