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Delmas, F ; Beloeil, JC ; van der Sanden, BPJ ; Nicolay, K ; Gillet, B

Two-voxel localization sequence for in vivo two-dimensional homonuclear correlation spectroscopy

Journal of Magnetic Resonance 149 (1) 119-125

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Abstract :

The combination of localized 2D H-1 MR correlation spectroscopy and Hadamard encoding allows the simultaneous acquisition of multiple volumes of interest without an increase in the experimental duration, compared to single-voxel acquisition. In the present study, 2D correlation spectra were acquired simultaneously within 20 to 40 min in two voxels located in each hemisphere of the rat brain. An intervoxel distance of 20% of the voxel size was sufficient to limit spatial contamination. The following cerebral metabolites gave detectable crosspeaks : N-acetylaspartate, the glutamate/glutamine pool, aspartate, phosphoethanolamine, glucose, glutathione, taurine, myo-inositols, lactate, threonine, ? -aminobutyric acid, and alanine. Most of the metabolites were measured without contamination of other resonances. (C) 2001 Academic Press.