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Lamberty, M ; Caille, A ; Landon, C ; Tassin-Moindrot, S ; Hetru, C ; Bulet, P ; Vovelle, F

Solution structures of the antifungal heliomicin and a selected variant with both antibacterial and antifungal activities

Biochemistry 40 (40) 11995-12003

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Abstract :

In response to an experimental infection, the lepidopteran Heliothis virescens produces an antifungal protein named heliomicin. Heliomicin displays sequence similarities with antifungal plant defensins and antibacterial or antifungal insect defensins. To gain information about the structural elements required for either antifungal or antibacterial activity, heliomicin and selected point-mutated variants were expressed in yeast as fusion proteins. The effects of mutations, defined by comparing the primary structure of heliomicin with the sequences of members of the insect defensin family, were analyzed using antibacterial and antifungal assays. One of the variants shows significant activity against Gram-positive bacteria while remaining efficient against fungi.