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Bello Roufai, M. and Midoux, P.

Histidylated polylysine as DNA vector : Elevation of the imidazole protonation and reduced cellular uptake without change in the polyfection efficiency of serum stabilized negative polyplexes

Bioconjugate Chemistry 12 (1) 92-99

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Abstract :

We have reported that polylysine substituted with histidyl residues (His) was suited to make complexes with plasmid DNA (pDNA) and to transfect cells in vitro in the presence of serum. The present study was performed to determine whether the acetylation of the a -amino group of histidyl residues (AcHis) had an influence on the size and the charge of polyplexes and on their transfection efficiency. We found that the presence of free a -amino groups allowed the formation of smaller polyplexes but did not modify the zeta potential of +17 mV. At a physiological salt concentration, the adsorption of many serum proteins on His- and AcHis-polyplexes reduced their size below 100 nm, inhibited their aggregation, and reversed their zeta potential to -25 mV.