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Trehout, D ; Desille, M ; Doan, BT ; Mahler, S ; Fremond, B ; Malledant, Y ; Campion, JP ; Desbois, J ; Beloeil, JC ; Certaines, J ; Clement, B

Follow-up by one- and two-dimensional NMR of plasma from pigs with ischemia-induced acute liver failure treated with a bioartificial liver

NMR in Biomedicine 15 (6) 393-403

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Abstract :

Hepatic encephalopathy may occur following acute hepatic failure (AHF), which results in the release of toxic compounds from the injured liver. These compounds, which induce cerebral edema, are not well characterized, yet. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential interest of NMR spectroscopy in the follow-up of different plasma compounds in pigs with ischemia-induced fulminant hepatic failure treated or not with a bioartificial liver (BAL), which has been previously shown to improve the neurological status of the animals.