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Kieken, F ; Arnoult, E ; Barbault, F ; Paquet, F ; Huynh-Dinh, T ; Paoletti, J ; Genest, D ; Lancelot, G

HIV-1(Lai) genomic RNA : combined used of NMR and molecular dynamics simulation for studying the structure and internal dynamics of a mutated SL1 hairpin

European Biophysics Journal 31 (7) 521-531

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Abstract :

The genome of all retroviruses consists of two identical copies of an RNA sequence associated in a non-covalent dimer. A region upstream from the splice donor (SL1) comprising a self-complementary sequence is responsible for the initiation of the dimerization. This region is able to dimerize in two conformations : a loop-loop complex or an extended duplex. Here, we solve by 2D NMR techniques the solution structure of a 23-nucleotide sequence corresponding to HIV-1 SL1(Lai) in which the mutation G12—>A12 is included to prevent dimerization. It is shown that this monomer adopts a stem-loop conformation with a seven base pairs stem and a nine nucleotide loop containing the G10 C11 A12 C13 G14 C15 sequence.