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Gillard, N ; Begusova, M ; Castaing, B ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M

Radiation affects binding of Fpg repair protein to an abasic site containing DNA

Radiation Research 162 (5) 566-571

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Abstract :

During the base excision repair of certain DNA lesions, the formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase (Fpg) binds specifically to the DNA region containing an abasic (AP) site. Is this step affected by exposure to ionizing radiation ? To answer this question, we studied a complex between a DNA duplex containing an analogue of an abasic site (the 1,3-propanediol site, Pr) and a mutated Lactococcus lactis Fpg (PIG-LlFpg) lacking strand cleavage activity. Upon irradiation of the complex, the ratio of bound/free partners decreased. When the partners were irradiated separately, the irradiated DNA still bound the unirradiated protein, whereas irradiated Fpg no longer bound unirradiated DNA.