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Aci, S ; Gangneux, L ; Paoletti, J ; Genest, D

On the stability of different experimental dimeric structures of the SL1 sequence from the genomic RNA of HIV-1 in solution : A molecular dynamics simulation and electrophoresis study

Biopolymers 74 (3) 177-188

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Abstract :

SL1 is a stem-loop RNA sequence from the genome of HIV-1 thought to be the initiation site for the dimerization of the retroviral genomic RNA. The aim of this study is to check the stability in solution of different experimental dimeric structures available in the literature. Two kinds of dimer have been evidenced : an extended duplex looking like a double helix with two internal bulges and a kissing complex in which the monomers with a stem/loop conformation are linked by intermolecular loop-loop interactions. Two divergent experimental structures of the kissing complex from the Lai isolate are reported in the literature, one obtained from NMR (Mujeeb et al., Nature Structural Biology, 1998, Vol. 5, pp. 432-436) and the other one from x-ray crystallography (Ennifar et al., Nature Structural Biology, 2001, Vol. 8, pp. 1064-1068). A crystallographic structure of the Mal isolate was also reported (Ennifar et al., Nature Structure Biology, 2001, Vol. 8. pp. 1064-1068).