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Beaufour, M ; Ribet, JP ; Morin, P

Chiral separation of the four stereoisomers of a novel antianginal agent using a dual cyclodextrin system in capillary electrophoresis

Journal of Separation Science 28 (6) 529-533

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Abstract :

Reported here is an analytical method enabling the stereochemical resolution of a new antianginal compound possessing two stereogenic centers, leading to four stereoisomers. Only one of these isomers is currently under development as a novel antianginal agent and consequently, the other three isomers are considered as unwanted chiral impurities. Therefore, an enantioselective method is required in order to check its enantiomeric purity. This paper presents a method exploiting the high efficiency of capillary electrophoresis and the complexing properties of cyclodextrins to achieve the separation of the four stereoisomers of this weakly basic compound (pK(a) = 7.4).