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Rappailles, A ; Decoville, M ; Locker, D

DSP1, a Drosophila HMG protein, is involved in spatiotemporal expression of the homoeotic gene Sex combs reduced

Biology of The Cell 97 (10) 779-785

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Abstract :

Background information. The Pc-G (Polycomb group) and trx-G (trithorax group) genes play a key role in the regulation of the homoeotic genes. The homoeotic gene Scr (Sex combs reduced) contained in the Antennapedia complex specifies segmental identity of the labial and prothoracic segments in Drosophila. Regulation of Scr requires the action of different enhancer elements spread over several kilobases. We previously identified an HMGB (high mobility group)-like protein DSP1 (dorsal switch protein 1), which works like a trx-G protein for the normal Scr expression. Results. In the present study, we attempted to characterize the regulatory sequences involved in the maintenance of the Scr activation by DSP1.