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Grivet, JP

NMR relaxation parameters of a Lennard-Jones fluid from molecular-dynamics simulations

Journal of Chemical Physics 123 (3) Art No. 034503

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Abstract :

Ensembles of soft spheres or of Lennard-Jones atoms were studied by molecular dynamics at reduced temperatures from 0.8 to 3, and radial distribution functions, diffusion coefficients, and magnetic dipole-dipole correlation functions were measured as functions of system size. The expected relation between the values of the correlation functions at zero lag time and the integrals of the radial distribution was verified for each system. The measured correlation functions were compared with theoretical expressions derived by [Ayant , J. Phys. (Paris) 36, 991 (1975)] and by [Hwang and Freed, J. Chem. Phys. 63, 4017 (1975)]. It was shown that, in order to recover the long-time behavior characteristic of diffusion-controlled relaxation processes, the simulation must comprise at least 10 000 particles.