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Mennesson, E ; Erbacher, P ; Piller, W ; Kieda, C ; Midoux, P ; Pichon C

Transfection efficiency and uptake process of polyplexes in human lung endothelial cells : a comparative study in non-polarized and polarized cells

Journal of Gene Medicine 7 (6) 729-738

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Abstract :

Background Following systemic administration, polyplexes must cross the endothelium barrier to deliver genes to the target cells underneath. To design an efficient gene delivery system into lung epithelium, we evaluated capture and transfection efficiencies of DNA complexed with either Jet-PEI (TM) (PEI-polyplexes) or histidylated polylysine (His-polyplexes) in human lung microvascular endothelial cells (HLMEC) and tracheal epithelial cells. Methods After optimizing growth conditions to obtain a tight HLMEC monolayer, we characterized uptake of polyplexes by flow cytometry and evaluated their transfection efficiency. Polyplexes were formulated as small particles.